Will the Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit Affect the Future of Smartphone Design

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A billion-dollar payment from Samsung, plus the possibility of an injunction against sales of infringing Samsung smartphones and tablets. The recent patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung basically gave Apple everything it wanted.

Will this large lawsuit be the historical point which will dramatically change the way our devices are manufactured and, in turn, affect our decision-making process when buying a smartphone for personal or business use?

According to New York Times, ” Consumers will either have some great diversity in phone and tablet design or they may be stuck with devices that manufacturers have clumsily revamped to avoid crossing Apple.”

However, in my opinion, the real outcome of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit is likely to be more lawsuits. And as a consequence of that, non-Apple devices will be labelled higher prices. But in the long term, I really doubt the effects of this Roulette – A game of chance played at a table marked off with numbers from 1 to 36, one or two zeros, and several other sections affording the players a variety of betting opportunitiesRound – One cycle of a game and all the bets that are placed during that cycle. case will be negligible to consumers and business users.

The recent decision will likely be appealed, and it”s possible that it may be struck down. But even if the decision stands, it”s more likely that Samsung and all Android device makers will keep doing business mainly as usual.

The reason is simple.  Mobile device manufactures license patent technologies from each other all the time.  For example, nowadays, for every iPhone sold, apple pays a certain percent of license fee to Nokia. Similarly, in a settlement agreement last year, Samsung agreed to pay Microsoft $10 to $15 for each smartphone or tablet it sells.

Furthermore, in the Australia or US market, most of smartphones are at a price heavily subsidized by wireless carriers, along with a two-year service contract. The concequence of this will further obscure the effect of licensing fees on phone prices.

So, for smartphone users, this mega infringement lawsuit probably won”t play a big role in affecting people”s buying decisions.