What’s Apptopia?

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There is no doubt that recent mobile app boom has made dozens of developers hoping to strike it rich just like what Instagram and Draw Something did . However, the truth is running an app into a really profitable business involves more than just an excellent app. In fact, having a successful app requires high quality development, a keen insight into the industry, strategic planning, creative marketing and lots and lots more. But the good news is now developers can get actually get something back for their initial investment by selling their app on a new marketplace other than App Store – Apptopia.

A new app market that opened recently allows a developer to sell his/her app with its entire package – including source code, IP, customer list and revenue. The seller needs to sign a non-compete agreement with the buyer. Since the opening of Apptopia, the number of apps which have been uploaded has been increase by more than ten times since it ¬†originally opened. Developers list their apps for action, which on average take about one-two month to complete. (Apptopia’s commission rate is 15 percentage).

The new market might benefit people who failed to gain wide traction in App Store because he/she don’t have the business acumen to monetize or expand distribution. For buyers, the marketplace provides a way scoop up an app that may just need a new business model or better management. For businesses that are looking at creating their own app with similar functionality, buying and customising an app from Apptopia might be a lot cheaper than funding their own project. Furthermore, for non-technical people who have wanted to get into mobile space, Apptopia can be a very easy and cost effective way to start building using an existing working product.

Certainly, it is not a place where you wish you can sell break-out hits and strike it rich. ¬†But it’s not a place to just sell junk apps either. Among those app listed for sale, lots of them might have been hot items once but have since fallen from their prime position. Potential buyers can get a full overview of the app’s performance to help decide how much they are willing to bid and what’s their walk away price.

in conclusion, Apptopia still needs to do a lot of work to make sure it does not become a flea market for junk apps. But its presence is just another huge sign that the mobile app industry is gradually maturing.