Top Mobile SEO Trends To Look For

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Earlier this month, Google unveiled the biggest changes to the AdWords platform in the last five years in a bold move to make AdWords work in the mobile world we live in today.

In this blog, I’d like to talk bout a few important mobile SEO trends to look out for, based on all of recent changes that are happening in the world of PPC mobile search.

Mobile Search Is More Valuable Than You Think

When judging the value of mobile search, it’s no longer a matter of tracking the aforementioned difficult-to-measure conversions. According to Google, in general mobile searches convert to actions faster – “The time between search and action is much shorter on mobile vs. desktop.”

Because of the small gap between search and action on mobile search, I think when it comes to keyword research, it’s critical for us to also consider estimated monthly mobile search volume in. For example, I’m sure you already take into consideration factors such as keyword competition or difficulty, monthly estimated search volume, KEI, etc. Given the stronger intent behind mobile searches, I’d strongly suggest adding estimated monthly mobile search volume (accessible via the Google Keyword Tool) to your list – because mobile searches are often worth a lot more than desktop searches!

Easier To Measure ROI

Traditionally, it’s very hard to measure the ROI of a mobile search campaign. For example, someone might click your ads and later on walked into your store to make a purchase. Or he/she can start purchase on one device and finish the transaction on the other.

To solve the problem, Google AdWords has introduced some new tools specifically engineered to help track the ROI of mobile search, such as Offer Ad Extensions for connecting search marketing efforts with in-store purchases, detailed call reporting allowing advertisers to find out who called, and a new phone call conversion format.

Prefer Responsive Sites Over Mobile-Only Sites

The latest word from Google is that responsive design is better than building a mobile-specific site.

Google thinks things are moving in a direction where devices are getting better, and site owners should respond by making sure they have one site that works on all kinds of devices rather than creating two different sites, one for mobile and one for desktop. So in a couple of years when everyone has even more sophisticated phones, companies that are still using mobile sites will be shooting themselves in the foot.

This is a huge win for SEOs because seriously, the thought of maintaining accurate, consistent content between different mobile and desktop websites is a nightmare

User Context

Google has introduced a new concept of user context in search, which refers to the time, location and device from where a search was executed. According to Google, user context is the single biggest predictor of what users will search for, and what actions people will take after having conducted that search.

As an example of just how powerful user context is, consider that Google Now – the new App that provides you with all the information you need before you search for it – leverages your user context data (time and location) to determine exactly what it is you’re looking for before you search for it.

So now in AdWords, instead of creating specific ad campaigns to target different types of devices and hardware, search engine marketers are being asked to just create a single campaign and adjust the ad copy and bidding strategy based on user context.

So what does it mean for SEO?

  • Another way in which SEO and PPC can complement with each other
  • search marketers should consider employing a paid search strategy that targets the most profitable and important user contexts
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    Nowadays 85% public are using mobile services and it is huge part in humans life. So mobile usesr can take important role in your website traffic.Responsive technology is good for both desktop mobile devices. It gives the new look for website development
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