Top 5 iPad games of the month

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I’ve decided to do a top 5 every month to introduce you folk to some awesome apps that I come across. I’m sure a lot of you out there have bought the new iPad and you’re dying to play some nice resolution games on it. So here it is, top 5 iPad games of April.

5) Asteroids 

Remember the good old Asteroids on the Atari? Well, if you do you’re definitely older than me because I was born way after that game was released. Anyway, this is the new version of Asteroids, HD on the New iPad !!
This game combines shooting at Asteroids with different weapons and super powers. You collect gold coins and buy more weapons and extra lives. You can travel in any direction you desire and continue to destroy things around you.
I think the graphics are really amazing.

4) Ice Rage

This game has the coolest avatars ever ! They look tough, they look angry and they look like true hockey players. Yes, this is a ice hockey game. Each team has two players and that’s it !
You can play it single or multi-player with 1 iPad, two thumbs are all you need.
I definitely recommend this game because its not boring, it has amazing colours, beautiful design and a whole lot of violence !

3) F18 Carrier Landing

 I’ve always loved flight simulators, especially on PC with those old joysticks that we had in early 2000s.
The problem was that I sucked at controlling and landing the aircraft. I couldn’t get it to fly straight or I couldn’t land softly. Well not anymore with the iPad in my hands.
This game doesn’t have the best graphics in the world but the experience itself is one of a kind.
There are several missions that you have to complete and earn badges to prove that you’re a good pilot.

2) SPACE Angry Birds 

The all time favourite Angry Birds, taken to the next level !
First of all you’re going to fall in love with the sharp colours and the awesome graphics,
Second thing is definitely the new missions and all the cool new features you get in SPACE ! I don’t really want to give it away but lets just say sometimes there’s gravity and sometimes you just fly off in the space !


I downloaded this game months ago on my iPhone 4 and I was amazed by the amazing graphics, music and atmosphere that this game puts you in. To be honest I’m not a big fan of robots or movies like Terminator or Iron Man but this game makes me want to be robot !

First of all the music is great, it gives you a futuristic feel like its the year 2500 and all humans are gone. Second of all it’s easy to play, there are just a few gestures involved and basically all you have to do is swipe left, right, up, down and tap to shoot the bad robots ! Now its not as easy as you think, you gotta act smart and quick to kill them before they slice you, but its still fun for someone like me who’s not a pro gamer.
The experience is to die for ! You’ll drawn into it, trust me !