Five Best Keyboards for Android.

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One thing we all love about Android is that it’s highly customization. We have apps to customize almost anything for instance home replacement, lock screen, keyboards etc.In this blog we would be talkin about keyboards available in the market.

Keyboard is an essential part of any smartphone OS. All big companies like Samsung, LG and HTC etc. competing with each other to provide a better keyboard experience to user. But still somehow custom keyboards had made a really big place for them in Android world. The main reason behind their popularity is there is one for every typist out there. So in this blog we will discuss about Cons and Pros of top 5 keyboards. The ranking is based on the following:-

  • Word Prediction Engine
  • Swipe
  • Customisation
These keyboards could be better than each other in terms of some other feature but above are the three options i considered to rank them.

1. Jelly Bean Stock Keyboard (Ported Custom Apps or Stock)

I was not a big fan of Android stock keyboard and used to use other custom keyboards. But since jelly bean Android stock keyboard showed a huge improvement. It has everything from swipe gesture to highly reliable word prediction feature. Swipe is more accurate than any other keyboard that has the same feature. If you have ICS or below you  can still get it as there are plenty of ported app available on the market so you can still download it. Only bad thing i found about it that its not customisable at all in other words we can not apply third party themes to it.

2. TouchPal

TouchPal is an another great keyboard. It has everything that a custom keyboard should have, Swipe, accurate word prediction etc. It’s word prediction engine can learn from your twitter stream as well to improve the word prediction but  still it does not have as many options to learn from as SwiftKey has. TouchPal also supports third party themes as well which makes it highly customisable.

3. Kii Keyboard

Kii keyboard has everything that makes it one of top 5. Really good swipe gesture, accurate word prediction and highly customization. In terms of customization this keyboard is best. In Premium version, you can change the key size, complete look or only background while keeping other things in layout intact.

4. SwiftKey (Paid Version)

Many people won’t agree with me here because i put Swiftkey on fourth position. There is a big reason behind it and that is “SWIPE” and very few customisation options. I am not a fan of swipe and still type the normal way but i know many people who love swiping instead of typing. Good news for Swiftkey fan is that Swiftkey flow is going to be released really soon which could have a swipe feature but i can not count it right now as its not out yet. What i most love about Swiftkey’s is it’s word prediction engine. They put years of hard work to make this engine and it improves as you type. You can even connect it to your social networks and it will improve the prediction based on the words you used more often when you are on facebook or twitter. Another awesome feature is that you can use different themes with it, but one thing i don’t like that Swiftkey does not allow other developers to create theme for their keyboard and have very limited inapp options to choose from.

5. Slide It

Another great keyboard available in play store. As per stats it’s the biggest competitor for SwiftKey. Its paid version has word prediction and swipe feature. You can customise it as well but i didn’t find a single third party theme but it doesn’t mean we have very few options. There are more than 50 themes available for this keyboard and Dasur LLC releasing more every week or so.

I tried them all and liked all of them. But still If you don’t like any of these, you can try other great options like Siine Keyboard, Smart keyboard or A.I. Keyboard. I would recommend try them all and stick to that suits your typing style. All these keyboards have some amazing features, its all about what kind of typist you are.



Good News – SwiftKey Flow is out. Just update to a newer version, go in settings and enable it. I must say i’m impressed, 99% of the time it gets the word right. The only thing i didn’t like is swipe trail line. They could have done better. As now Swiftkey has a swipe feature and a great word prediction engine, its definitely share the 1st place with Jelly Bean Stock Keyboard.

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    One thing I wish they added was NFC which automatically setup the bluetooth pairing.

    Games are the biggest killer at the moment, they need to work with more game providers like EA to get some of the big hit games working with it. Also some of the games I’ve played recently have rather large response lag. I can only guess this has to do with sloppy integration with MOGA intents.

    Hopefully MOGA can make progress with Game designers, although if nothing else it brings the psp emulator to a whole new level.