Things should be considered while trying to execute binaries using MAMP.

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I am writing this blog because i spent hours to make things work while i was trying to execute binary files from my PHP script. There are few things that we should keep in mind.

1. Executable permissions РWhen you try to execute binaries or any script from server make sure executable permission has been given to the file you are trying to execute.

2. If still things do not work try changing the ownership of the binary that you want to execute. In my case, i’m using MAMP so i have given the ownership of file to “_www” using “sudo chown” command.

3. Make sure path to binary files are correct.

4. If you are using MAMP as a localhost , then you have to perform one more thing.

Go to Menu->Go to Folder->Write “/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/” in Text box->Press enter

Find file called ¬†“envvars” and comment the following lines using # :-


Thats it for this blog.