The iPhone’s brand power !

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Many of you have probably seen this




Or this



yes, very common for iPhones and iPods. But why do people still buy these phones?


This recently happened right here in Australia ( click on the image to see the actual article )

Yes, you guessed it correctly, this iPhone (while being on an air plane) produced smoke and literally combusted. Now imagine if the phone was in the poor guys pocket, or it was in his bag and the whole thing caught on fire. Who”s responsible for that?

Anyway, lets not go off topic, what I”m trying to say is that every day we witness horrible things that happen to iPhones and iPods but we still go after them and buy the latest model. WHY ??

Well, I tell you why!

1) Apple is good at finding the edge in product design. They look around and come up with the simplest ideas that everybody loves. Then they take the idea and execute it in the most appealing way. And that”s why they are the leaders in new product categories.

2) User friendliness and simplicity. Give an iPad to a 3 year old kid and he”ll know how to work with it. Now take the same iPad and give it to your grandfather, he”ll figure out how to use it too, but only after he puts on his glasses.

What I”m trying to say is that the interface is so darn simple to learn that you don”t need to spend hours trying to figure out how everything works. The settings are all in one place unlike other operating systems where you have to go inside the specific app to change things. And in my opinion, for many many other reasons which i”m not gonna mention here, iOS is the simplest operating system out there.

3) They just wanna keep you satisfied. You see the photos up there ? Yes, you got it right, they”re all going to be compensated for their sufferings (well, not so much for the second photo, dropping your phone isn”t Apple”s fault, it”s your fault man!). It literally costs Apple nothing to replace it and why shouldn”t they ?

You know why they do it?
Because when you walk out of that store with a brand new iPhone, you tell all your friends how good the service is rather than telling them that the iPhone overheated or exploded. Yeah you might be complaining about it before you go to the store, but soon that”ll be history and you will forget about it.

And that”s pretty much all Apple wants, the bad forgotten and the good told to others. Being like that isn”t really our fault, we”re human, as soon as we see the chocolate we forget about the smack in the head that we got 2minutes before. And that”s the truth.