Sony smartwatch 2 – First Impression and Review

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In this blog i’ll be talking about why i bought sony smartwatch 2 over galaxy gear and pebble, first impression and review.

Why Sony Smartwatch 2 –

It took little bit time and research for me to decide that i am going with Sony Smartwatch 2. Following things helped me to take the decision –

1. Works well with all Android phones
2. Much cheaper than Galaxy Gear
3. Very well built specially with metal band
4. Water proof
5. Looks better than pebble (this is the main reason why i bought this over pebble)

First Impression –

When i first saw it in a box, i felt like that it is a cheap looking watch but luckily JB HiFi had it on display and when i hold it in hand i realised that it is a really good looking and very well built watch. I still think Galaxy gear has a techy look but that would have been useless for me as i don’t have any Galaxy devices. I saw pebble before as few of my colleagues have it but pebble doesn’t stand anywhere near to Galaxy Gear and Smartwatch 2 when it comes to appearance although it works as good as Sony Smartwatch 2.

It took me few minutes to configure the watch and connect it with my Nexus 5. I had to install two apps in order to make it work with my Nexus which i found bit of an extra work and i still didn’t get it that why we need two apps to connect one device. But after few minutes of struggle i was able to connect it. Notification works really well but there was no native support for apps like WhatsApp or any other chat messenger. Fortunately, i found an app called “WatchIt!!” which is compatible with few wearable devices out there and all it does is, it pushes the notification to all the compatible devices that are connected to your phone via bluetooth.

Overall my first impression of the watch was good. It looks good and works well but connecting process could have been little easier.

Review –

Things i liked so far –

1. Every single app is able to push notification through
2. Notification works pretty well which i guess is the main reason why i bought this
3. It has the compatibility for almost every widely used fitness app like Endomodo or Run Keeper
4. Allows you to make a call when your phone is in pocket and connected through earphones
5. Grabs people attention

Things i don’t like –

1. Sony claims that battery will last for 7 days which is not true. For me it never last more than 3 days
2. Not smart enough to clear notification after i check them on phone. I have to clear all the notification manually every time
3. The OS running on watch is not fully android which makes it hard to support by third party developer
4. No major support on XDA for the reason i mentioned above

Things that might be an issue –

1. My friends asked me that why i look at my watch after every 10 mins which they find really annoying so i had to explain them why i do that

Overall i am happy with the buy. It’s a good watch. If you have an Android and you want a good looking functional watch then this watch is definitely for you unless you own a galaxy device than Galaxy Gear could be an option for you. But i will still recommend you to do some research about all the available options out there before buying any.