Sharing office space? You better provide some value.

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When we took up our new office space in Armadale around 6 months ago, we knew we wanted to create a cool, vibrant open office space, with other like minded people. We have plenty of space for our team, and sub-lease a bunch of space to some other small businesses. This has proven to be really beneficial to all parties so far, with other hard working, creative and fun people sharing the same space. Gone are the days where people need private fancy offices and work in isolation. Openness, sharing and collaboration are the new foundations of a great working environment.

We have had heaps of people ask to take desk space with us in the office, and I have been thinking about why this is. Sharing office space is the new smart way to run a small lean business, and has the added benefit of surrounding yourself with other like-minded people. This allows you to leverage and share eachothers knowledge, experiences, contacts and services, cross-promoting those around you and utilising each others skills for the mutual benefit of your businesses.

For these reasons, we wouldn’t want, for example, an accountant to set up shop with us. Although they might be willing to pay the required rent, they provide no real added benefit to all the tenants collectively. Having a complimentary business located within your office walls has proved to be great for us. We do business with all 3 sub-tenants of our office, either through engaging them to do direct work for b2cloud, sub-contract work for our clients, and even have some small joint venture businsses together. So if you are looking to take up some shared office space, ask yourself what the other people there can offer your business.

So, wanna come join us in our great space? Easy: just be innovative, motivated, willing to collaborate with others in the office, and offer some great value to those around you.