Samsung Galaxy S4 (Snapdragon) – First Impression.

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In this blog i’ll be reviewing the new SGS4 and will also share that why i bought SGS4 over HTC One.

Why SGS4?

Before i bought SGS4 i played with HTC One as well, which i felt like is the best looking device right now. But when i was playing with both devices, i get bored with HTC One in no time, on the other hand SGS4 has so many features to offer and really felt like an innovative device to me. People has a myth that SGS4 is just an upgrade over SGS3, which i do agree with but its not a small upgrade, its a huge upgrade. HTCH One is fast and good looking device that do no offer anything extra over stock Android except their new camera technology. But SGS4 offers a lot over stock android. Things that i feel like is better in SGS4 over HTC One : –

1. More features
2. Removable battery
3. Expandable memory
4. Support for wireless charging (not supported out of box but samsung released a battery cover that supports this feature)
5. Bigger display
6. Bigger battery

Cons as compared to HTC One : –

1. Mainly build of plastic and i don’t know when Samsung will start manufacturing device with better build quality. This is what really make me angry about Samsung.
2. Doesn’t look as good as HTC One (Specially i personally feel that Black HTC One looks awesome)
2. Lower ppi
3. SGS4 was laggy at first (Samsung fixed it with new updates as i can’t notice the lag anymore)

Conclusion : –

If design really matters to you then go for HTC One but in my opinion SGS4 isn’t a bad looking device either and offers a lot more features than HTC One.

First Impression : –

A very first thing that i guess we all notice about any new device is the display. Display on SGS4 is one of the best in business right now. It has Super Amoled display with 1920*1080 resolution and 441 PPI which looks sharp and amazing. On the other hand we shouldn’t forget Super Amoled tech turns off the black pixels completely which will give you a bad experience, if you’ll watch a movie or video that has lots of dark scenes.

After playing with it for few hours, i noticed minor lags. But after receiving few updates i think the lag issues is fixed now. Other than that, device is lightning fast. I have tested few games on it as well and all worked flawlessly without any lag. But in few games, like Modern Combat 4, i have noticed SGS4 wasn’t showing the full graphics.

The only thing i dislike about SGS4 is its battery cover is way way too shiney. I don’t know what samsung was thinking so they made it this freaking shiney.

That’s all for now. I will soon write a full review of SGS4.