Moga Pro Controller – First Impression and Review

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Today i would like to share my thoughts about Moga Pro controller. It’s been more than a week since i am using it now. I won’t hesitate while saying that design has been completely ripped off from XBOX controller, so if you have an XBOX, you might be really comfortable with this controller.

I simply love this controller because i am a true gamer and i love stuff that makes my gaming experience better. I mostly play racing and first-person shooter games. I used to have a hard time playing first-person shooting games on my mobile because of small screen and sometimes because of weird controls that has been preset by game developers.

I read and watched many review about it before buying it, which made me quite sure about that Moga Pro will definitely enhance my gaming experience on mobile devices and i wasn’t wrong. It really has made my gaming experience better.

Price: –

I live in Australia and when i first ordered it, i knew the price was $49.99 but Moga did not inform me about the international shipping charges which later they sent me in an email. I was really shocked that they added $65 as shipping and handling cost in an actual price which end up boosting the controller price for me from $49.99 to $115. So if you want to buy this controller and want the price to be lower down a bit for you, get your friends on board and buy more than one. I bought three that cost us $210 in total, means $70 each, which i feel is an awesome deal.

Setup: –

Setup was neither too easy not too hard. It has two types of controls A and B, which represents normal and HID modes of controller. I paired my device in both modes. Although pairing took little bit of time and wasn’t completely effortless.

Pros: –

1. It has a rechargeable battery so i don’t need to worry about external batteries any more.
2. Really comfy to hold
3. Really well designed (XBOX Rip Off :P)
4. Has both normal and HID control compatibility.
5. As i already mentioned above that it would definitely increase your gaming experience.
5. Flip device holder keeps really good grip on your device while you are playing.

Cons: –

1. Pairing and setup experience could be more pleasant.
2. Not many big games are compatible with it right now. But the games i usually play are from either gameloft or from EA and both companies are in process of making their games compatible with Moga Pro. So far i tried Nova 3, Asphalt, Dead Space, Wild Blood without any issue.
3. When you attach your device into the flip holder, you’ll feel some balance issues because controller itself is not as heavy as the device. This balance thing bother me a little bit but not much.

I am really happy with my purchase, and i feel like that Moga Pro worth every penny. If you are a gamer and thinking to buy one, don’t give it a second thought, just get it. It’s the best Android game controller out there.


  • Dwayne Hoy

    One thing I wish they had of added is NFC which automatically setup the bluetooth pairing. Pairing to multiple devices causes raise conditions if they’re all in range at the same time.

    Games are the biggest killer at the moment, they need to work with more game providers like EA to get some of the big hit games working with it. Also some of the games I’ve played recently have rather large response lag. I can only guess this has to do with sloppy integration with MOGA intents.

    Hopefully MOGA can make progress with Game designers, although if nothing else it brings the psp emulator to a whole new level.

  • Dustin Ellzey

    How do I get the moga to work with dead space

  • Dustin Ellzey

    The only botton that works is the start botton and it only works as the start botton on “b” mode on “a” mode the start botton is the botton a any help would be much appreciated