15th June 2012

    Make your app approved by Apple just in 2 Hours?

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    If you’re thinking about building an app and want to know how it will be approved by Apple, check out what Jason Becker has to say on the topic. He and his team created Dreamt It — an app that uses the Siri to help its users keep track of and share their dreams. After the submission, Dreamt It was approved for the Apple app store in just about two hours. How magic is that?

    The submission process Apple established is often viewed as somewhat mysterious or extremely difficult. For a beginner, using these tips will dramatically streamline the process of getting your app approved.

    1. Understand Apple’s standards – even better you do before building your app

    Apple takes care to establish clear guidelines for developing applications for its app store. Experienced developers understood the constraints and expectations that Apple has for new applications, which helped the start-up quickly refine its app’s functional goals.

    2.Build your app with open-source tools

    Dreamt It uses ShareKit, an open-source tool that developers can integrate into their apps to enable users to share content through social networks, email and SMS. Dreamt It didn’t need to invent its own sharing capabilities to be successful, and neither do you.

    3. Your are a user, not tester

    A winning recipe for application approval is to submit an app that’s bug-free, looks great and provides clear value for users. If you find yourself happily using your app (in a user perspective) every day, you’re probably ready for submission.

    4. Details are important

    Apple has a lot of secondary requirements for apps, including logo size, links to support pages and age-appropriate settings. Overlooking these details might be very likely to have your app rejected.

    5. Expect a subjective feedback

    A real, live person leads the app review process, so you should expect a review from Apple. While review times vary, your Apple reviewer will be assigned between seven and 10 days following your submission. How long a review takes and whether you’ll pass on the first try is anyone’s guess. Be sure your expectations for launch include time to fix issues and re-submit to Apple if necessary.

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