Live Below The Line ! Join us !

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Today, 1.4 billion people live below the extreme poverty line, that’s 60 times the population of Australia!

This campaign asks us to get together and raise awareness. This is isn’t just about limiting yourself, its about experiencing what 1.4 billion people go through everyday.

The challenge is to live with $2 per day for 5 days from 7th until 11th of May.

At the end of this, you’ll appreciate what you have and trust me, this will change your life forever !

Here at b2cloud, we decided to do this and raise some money for the kids in Papua New Guinea. We also decided to have a little fun with it, so we’re having 2 prizes for people who :

1) Collect the most amount of donation

2) Come up with the most creative meal with under $2. Can you do this one?

Please follow the link below to my profile and make a donation. And if you decide to join us as well, I’ll make sure to donate some to your profile too!