Jolla – Sailfish OS

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So yesterday i came to know about a company called Jolla which is currently working on a mobile optimised OS called Sailfish. I was bit surprised when i first hear about it then i decided to dig little bit more about it. In this blog i will be sharing my finding and thoughts about the Jolla and their Sailfish OS.

What is Jolla?

So far what i have found about Jolla is that it is a company that has been formed by Nokia ex-employees and based in Finland. Currently Jolla has around 60 employees and most of them are ex-employees of Nokia. Jolla is supporting Nokia’s MeeGo project after when Nokia dumped it. When Nokia dumped MeeGo, people who were closely connected to the MeeGo project left Nokia to form their own company to support MeeGo and now they have given it a new name (Sailfish), refreshing look and trying to make it better.

I must say great efforts by Nokia ex-employees who were closely connected to MeeGo because at least they still have faith in it.

What is Sailfish?

Sailfish is mobile-optimised OS that is based on Mer Project and is being supported by Sailfish Alliance. Mer project is an attempt to save MeeGo OS which was first launched and supported by Nokia, Intel and Linux foundation. Sailfish is a Linux-based OS. The first demonstration of Sailfish was released at Slush event in Finland on Nov 21. Jolla claims that it will support Android apps natively because it is using dalvik VM at heart and supports Android runtime environment as well. If this is true than this OS might have a good potential as it already have big numbers of supported apps. Jolla also claimed that OS isn’t copied from Android and has been developed from scratch.

In short Sailfish will be able to run apps that has been developed for Meego, Android and Sailfish OS.

One thing i am still not sure about that is it going to be an Open-Source project or not?. In my opinion, if Jolla really wants this OS to be a HIT, they should make it Open-Source in order to get support from developer communities all around the world.

Sailfish Hardware Support?

Sailfish OS is based on Mer Project that does not contain any Kernel or UI which indicates that Sailfish can be adopted by any hardware.

First device?

On 20th May Jolla revealed the first device based on Sailfish OS. Main specs of the device –

  • 4.5” Estrade display
  • LTE Support
  • Dual core processor
  • 16 GB Storage + external memory support
  • MicroUSB
  • Gesture recognition
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

In my opinion the best decision made by Jolla is to support Android apps natively because unlike windows now they don’t need to wait for the world developer community to start supporting their OS as its already done. As per Jolla device first Jolla flagship device will be available for public in Dec and will cost between $500-$550.

If you want to know more about Sailfish OS, go to Wikipedia or Youtube and search Jolla Sailfish. Both, Youtube and Wiki, has good amount of info about the platform.