How to Be a Guest Blogger for a High Effective Website?

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To me content marketing is one of the best online marketing technique nowadays. Through out years I use the specific technique to generate tens of thousands of visits to my various site – all as a blogging newbie.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step process, and show you how this is going to be done. The guest posting tactics discussed are an incredibly effective way to market any business online in whatever business model. (I’ve achieved huge success in blogging site, e-commerce, affiliate site etc.)

1. Find High Quality Blogging Opportunity

Two things you need to keep in mind. You want to identify guest posting opportunities on sites that: (1) Target the specific audience you want to reach. (2). Have a significant amount of traffic and/or authority.

If you’re familiar with your market, a few opportunities should immediately come to mind. If not, you can always use sites like Alltop to find popular blogs in your niche market. Regarding how popular a blog is, use stats from Alexa or Compete to get the approximate average traffic level.

2.  Identify Your Target Site Owner

It’s a tough task for most people, I get that. However, it’s crucial and the reward will be huge. You need to set out to learn as much as I could about him/her. You might need to do some digging online, follow the guy on twitter and start to uncover a portrait of person. (Hobby, Habits etc)
A bit creepy? Perhaps. But it’s critically important to understand the person you’re trying to connect with. The best networkers and marketers in the world are experts at relating to people. You need to be, too.

3. Promoting the Relevant Site Content

The best way to tactfully get noticed by high-profile bloggers is to share and promote their posts. If you’re consistent about promoting and sharing their content, they’ll eventually start to recognize your name. More importantly, you’ll likely start to bank up some goodwill due to the human law of reciprocity.

In the past,  I shared other people’s posts socially, left blog comments and mentioned that on other sites I wrote for.  Here’s various ways of sharing and engaging in other people’s content.
(1). Use social network
(2). Leave high quality comment
(3). Mention the blogger on other posts.

4. Be Personable and Don’t Be Rush

It’s going to take more than a few tweets/sharing and a single comment to get the attention of a well-known blogger. You should plan on following a share/comment/mention strategy for at least 5-6 weeks before pitching a post for well-known, selective sites.
A few weeks into your campaign, it’s time to transition from an in-the-shadows stalker to a friendly acquaintance.  Path/Twitter is a great platform for this.
As hard as it is, avoid the temptation to pitch your content too soon. Otherwise, you run the chance of ruining all the goodwill you’ve banked up.

5. Make Your Pitch

When pitching a guest post, you have to keep the following things in mind:
(1). If you write a email, try to make it short and to the point.
(2). In your email, lead off with a specific compliment about the blog and/or a recent article to reinforce that you know and appreciate the blogger’s work.
(3). Clearly state that you’d like to guest post for the blog and offer 3-4 potential post ideas.
(4). Share a sample of your writing online and provide any applicable credentials.

6. Generate High Quality Content

Although, you might have successfully landed a guest post on a high-profile blog. However, without this last step, all of your previous efforts could go in vain.
You really need to build the trust with the site owner to write a killer site post.
Creating a high-quality post has a number of advantages. It shows the blogger you appreciate his/her audience and significantly increases the likelihood that you’ll be invited to do a follow-up post. Plus, the quality of your post will determine how many people click through to YOUR website. With great content, readers will want to learn more about you.
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