GTA 5 – Review

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Few days back i bought Grant Theft Auto 5, most awaited game of 2013 and now when i finished it i thought let’s share what i actually think about the Game.

Hands down, it is one of best game title i have ever played.

Rockstar came a long way since GTA Vice City or San Andreas. We have three character this time – Michael, Franklin and Trevor and every character have some unique ability which is kind of a cool. These abilities aren’t super powers, its just like a being best at something like Franklin is best at driving and Michael is best at shooting.

You have to start playing as Franklin and as story proceed, all characters get introduced in story. Mission are little hard this time as compared to previous version. But GTA 5 is not all about Mission, it has lot more to offer like Strangers and Freaks, in this mode you meet strange people and do freaky stuff as a part of a mission. And while playing as a Franklin you can participate in random car or bike races. Map is pretty good and big. I have to say graphics are amazing as well. Improvements are definitely there in terms of gaming engine which makes game feels like real. Missions are hard and challenging. It is really hard to score 100% in every mission. There are few missions where i died like 10 times 😛 not because i was playing like a newb, its just you have to do so many things in a single mission. Some of the missions require you to run, drive, fly, dive everything.

My Favourite things so far –

– You connects with characters pretty well as game proceed
– Story and script of GTA 5 is so well written that you just can’t stop playing it.
– You just can’t choose a one fav character out of three. The way their role has been written, you are gonna love all three of them which makes the game more fun.
– Finding the ghost was bit of an adventure, sad part is you can’t shoot it and as you go near, it disappears.
– Parachute jumps are awesome.
– Exploring the whole map is hard. And exploring is really important if you wanna uncover the whole map and find unique stuff like spaceships and ghosts.
– You have your own personal Submarine.. How cool is that?? But to get the submarine, you have to buy some property, i am not gonna tell you which one cuz that’s your job to find out. Took me while to find.

Online Mode –

In online mode, 16 players can play at the same time.. I had few issues joining online mode but with the help of Rockstar support forums i have solved it in no time. Online is fun if you are playing with your friends. When i played online mode for the first time, as soon as i joined the game other players start shooting at me and at that very moment i realised that this is gonna be more brutal than story mode.

Things i don’t like –

– Only thing that i hate the most so far is that you can’t change the default car.

If you take photos using Snapmatic app, all the images you took will be saved in your Rockstar social club account. Here are few shots i took in-game which i found funny and unique –

This one i clicked when i found the Ghost.


Take a closer look, there is a shark in this photo!! 😛

Overall, its a fun game and one of the best i played but you really need to put efforts in starting to get connected with characters otherwise you’ll get bored easily.