CES 2014: Wearables

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At b2cloud we have for a long time been testing, developing, reviewing and learning about wearable technology and how it will affect our lives.

So of course we were all excited to see at CES 2014 the impressive number of new devices and accessories about to enter the market, both from the major players (Sony, LG, ) and the new ones too (Atlas, Sensoria, Lumo).

While the functionality and technology are definitely impressive, what really stood out was the very fact that wearable tech and smart objects (Alarm clock, CubeSensors) are now at the forefront of the consumer industry.

This industry is certainly nascent but far from new. Wearable tech has been around for some time now, albeit mostly popular with hobbyist, fitness fanatics and the tech inclined.

What is different is not only the number of companies starting to compete for market share but the recognition that there is a market to compete for.

Just look at Intel’s CES presentation where they launched the Edison, as small as a memory card yet as powerful as Pentium, designed for device makers and those looking to enter the market.

These announcements are not publicity stunts They are targeting everyday consumers, demonstrating the value of their products as well announcing that interconnectivity and wearable technology are where we are going.