Basis and fitness

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Basis, the company behind the B1 Smartwatch and health tracker, announced they have taken $11.75M in an extension of their Series B. Cool.

This news on its own is certainly significant, considering they have now raised over $32M in venture capital behind a pretty exceptional piece of hardware. But as a story thats not too interesting.

What really makes this exciting is is what Basis is planning to do with the fresh injection of capital: A health hub.

Basis is building a central application where all health data can come together and tell a truer more useful story of the wearers health. These health Insights, which are still valuable in their own right, take on an entirely new level of significance when compounded and analyzed correctly.

While the B1 watch already takes a uniquely impressive number of readings from the wearer, the user may still want different areas to be measured and tracked, which are often covered by apps and devices that aren’t Basis.

Basis correctly realized this and have said that this new health repository will be device-agnostic in order to create the fullest most accurate  picture of the users health.

This is a real step towards fixing one of the most common complaints about the current state of fitness trackers and applications- they are useful to begin with but quickly lose their value by not offering any real insights beyond the simple measurements.

Basis correctly believe that by combining data from a variety of sources as well as enhancing the existing algorithms and systems of analyses, the user will be better off and Basis will sell more watches.

As of now these are simply promises, promises backed by large sums of money tied to the assumption that they will deliver and create a health hub users deserve.

Only time will tell if Basis succeeds. For now it is worth hoping they do as we will all be better off because of it.