Aviate app review

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Few days back i came across a blog about top 20 good looking apps on Android. One of them was aviate launcher and as i like to try new things, i thought lets give it a try. But, when i opened it, it welcomed me with a message that this launcher is invite only app where i need to register my interest for the invite, if i want to use it, so i register my interest. In a week i got the invite and i installed it again.

First impression –

I wasn’t impressed at first and thought it might be an another attempt of creating a launcher like Buzz launcher but now i think it is a fine launcher with something new and fresh to offer on top of normal launcher. It has multiple screen to manage content, but unfortunately i did not able to find an option to add more. But as far as i can see this launcher’s target is to keep stuff close to you than the way normal launcher do stuff by distributing everything between 5 to 7 screen for average user like me.

How it works –

It has four pre-set spaces – Home, Work, Nearby and Going Somewhere. Launcher automatically switches between this spaces based on your location and activities except Nearby one.
I find this feature really cool and useful so far.

All spaces mainly has three main screens – main, collection and all apps.

Main screen can have maximum of 10 app’s shortcuts and few widgets (min 1, max 4) and if you want to add more widgets, just swipe down the home screen and you’ll see more widgets behind it where you can also add or remove more widgets. One of these widgets also contains a pane from collection screen based on which space you are in. If you are in home space, it will show the app that you use a lot at home. Only bad things about this it do not adjust itself based on behaviour of the user and you have to customise it by yourself. This area has display some cool shortcuts as well like if you are in work space, it will show create event or send email.

Collection screen separate apps based on functionality and put them in a separate pane. This is the screen i use the least.

All apps screen have all your apps arranged in alphabetical order and best part about this it has alphabetic list sitting at right hand of the screen which you can use to quickly scroll to whatever you want, for ex, if i want to use Facebook, i can click on “f” letter on right hand side and it will quickly scroll down to apps that starts from letter “f”.

Pros –

It is a well built launcher.
I can easily see attention to detail when it comes to UI and UE
It manages things pretty well.

Cons –

It feels more like an app than an home replacement launcher
It should have the capability of changing things around after observing the user behaviour for a little while.
No easy access to Google now
There is a learning curve. If you really want to use this launcher, you have to push yourself to learn how things really work in it.

Overall it is a good attempt but could have been executed better but it is in alpha or beta right now and may be in final version, Devs will address all these user experience issues and come out with a better product. For now i am switching back to my old launcher and will edit this blog if i’ll find anything good about it in future.