Xcode project not syncing to the git

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A while back a couple of our devs were having some problems syncing to the git. It seemed everything but their Xcode projects would sync up. I looked into it, and while it took a bit to solve the problem I finally figured out what the issue was.

The solution was quite buried, so hopefully this post helps at least one other person out there.

When creating your Xcode project, in the save dialog there’s a checkbox for creating a local git repository. If you’re not using your own git solution then you would want to have this checked, but if you do then make sure you uncheck it. A git repo will only go as deep as another git repo, meaning when we were trying to sync our project it was skipping everything inside the project folder which has the hidden .git folder.

If you’re trying to fix this on a project that already exists, if you have hidden folders turned off in the finder then you’ll need to jump into Terminal to delete the .git folder inside your project folder.