What the vision impaired see in your App

Thoughts | Tutorial By 4 years ago

At b2cloud we feel strongly that every App should be designed with the vision impaired in mind. The result will be a stable, intuitive and logical App that your mum could use without instruction.

Take a moment out of your day and switch voice over on in accessibility settings on your iPhone or Android device. Close your eyes and find your favourite App, then use your fingers to discover all of the elements on screen (they will be read out aloud). When you find what you are looking for double Tap.

It is amazing how easily you can get lost or loose context when a developer uses web views, non standard buttons, custom navigation and when the App is unstable. Not to mention when the screen is cluttered with actions. Very quickly you will loose context and need to spend time to realign yourself. You will also find that you press the home button often to try and refresh the App to its original state where you felt comfortable.

A lesson to take away from this experience is that developers and UI/UX designers must consider what the experience would be like for a blind person. The App must never crash, and the navigation and all of the buttons, scroll regions and search areas should be consistent with every other App you use every day.


What you see with your eyes closed. LinkedIn is not a great experience, and confusing to those with 20/20 vision