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5th December 2014

Udacity Android Tutorial

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Couple of months ago I published a blog about my experience of moving from Java to Android. This is a follow up blog of the first part.

Finally I finished the Udacilty Android tutorial series. It took a while for me to go through all of them, but it was totally worth it. In the tutorial they start from the scratch i.e setting up the IDE(Android Studio), downloading the SDKs to the final step which is releasing your app on play store.

The other cool thing about the tutorial is the interactive questionnaire which keeps coming after every session and there are answers for those with an explanation. Along with the tutorial they encourage you to build your own app following the concepts taught in the lessons. Although the assumption in the tutorials is that you are comfortable in Java and object oriented concepts.

The important thing to remember is that this tutorial based on the basic concepts, so will only be useful for someone who is trying to jump in to the world of Android. Lessons only cover the core Android classes which is excellent for basic concepts but you might not use all of them in real world project as they are plenty of libraries which makes your life easy for developers.

Based on the learning from this tutorial you can build an app which will have the standard app features such as fetching data from APIs, caching locally in database, responsive design, and managing notifications.

Being a beginner to the Android world I would highly recommend this tutorial for anyone who trying to get their basics right on Android.

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