Too many notifications!

Thoughts | Tutorial By 5 years ago

It occurred to me last week that my iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Nexus and Mac beep a lot and disturb me all the time. Being so connected can be really annoying, not to mention the amount of battery drain push notifications and email use.

I made some changes and the result is an iPhone that stays charged 50% longer and a fraciton of the notifications.


1. iPhone/iPad email fetch

Blackberry introduced the world to push email, and Apple continued the tradition. There are very few circumstances I need an email the second it arrives, so I switched it off. To do this go to Settings > Mail > Fetch. Switch off push and have the phone check for new emails hourly. This saves a yersslot huge amount of battery and annoying vibrations.


2. Reduce email volume

My morning ritual is to delete junk mail sent overnight. This takes at least a minute to do every day (around 6 hours a year). Unsubscribe to everything, most businesses should be communicating with you through a social network or an App. Most spammy emails will have an unsubscribe link that you can click and confirm at the bottom of their emails. Once you have done this, go to your inbox, select a spammy email, sort the list by name and delete all historical ones. This alone recovered 6GB of storage on my Gmail and iMac.

3. Local notifications

Most apps will try and get your permission to accept notifications. Its their only way to remind you to open their App! Some apps abuse this privelage and sent far too many notificaitons – Zynga are a great example. So if you love Words with friends but dont want to delete it to stop spammy notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Settings
  2. Notifications
  3. Find the spammy app
  4. Switch off all options (see pictured)