Separating Xcode builds (debug vs release)

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When you send a build to your client or testers, it can be difficult telling development builds from AppStore builds. At b2cloud we split the builds with two different app ids, and a different app title to make it easy to tell them apart. Because the app id is different it means you can have both builds on your device at the same time, and the development one wont overwrite the AppStore one, and vice versa.

There’s a pretty easy way to do this, and it’s super effective. The easiest way is with an xcconfig file, so that’s what I’ll demonstrate.

Through the menu add a new xcconfig file. I’ve called mine “Debug.xcconfig”.


An xcconfig file is essentially a code based method of changing build settings. It makes it easy to share the same settings between multiple projects.

You need to associate the xcconfig with the debug configuration for your app, this can be done through the project settings section.


No back in that xcconfig file, add a custom identifier and value. Here’s what I’ve used


Now in your info plist, simply put the config keys in where you want them. When your project is built, they will be replaced with what they’ve been set to (or nothing for a release build in this example).


If I build the app for debug, then build it for release I will now get two apps, both with different app titles.