Precompilation Run Script in Xcode 4

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Shell scripts are very handy for custom actions after compiling an Xcode project, but unfortunately they can no longer be run before compiling, not as easily as before at least.

To set this up now, you must do the following:

Create a dummy target. Click “File > New > New Target…”. Select the “Mac OS X > Other > External Build System” template. Give it a name and save.

We will use this new target to run a script. I have created a test script you can use to make sure this works. Save the following to your root “Machintosh HD” directory with the name “”, unless you want to figure out the path/filename for the next part.

#! /bin/bash
echo "Yes, it worked!" >> /DidItWork?.txt

Make sure you have correct permissions to run the script, open the Terminal and type

chmod +x /

Now under your project’s targets, select the dummy target and in the “Build Tool” textbox in the “Info” label enter “/”

Now for the real magic, under your original target’s “Build Phases”, add your dummy target as a “Target Dependency”.

That’s it! Whenever your project it built it will first build your dummy, which will run the custom script. If you used the script from above you should have a text file in your root “Machintosh HD” directory with some text in it 😉