30th July 2014

Permanently turn off YouTube annotations

Guides | Tutorial By 3 years ago

A quick tip. Often I see when people watch videos they turn off annotations for every video they watch manually.

There’s a way to turn them off for all videos, but it’s a bit buried in your settings.

Visit your playback settings page and simply uncheck the annotations box. Save and you’re done. No more annotations 😉

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.24.28 pm

  • dan1101

    Unfortunately this change isn’t permanent for me, I log into the same account and the annotations are back a day later. Go to the playback settings and they’re checked again.

    • Tom

      That’s weird, for me they’ve never come back on. Are you sure you hit that save button?

      • dan1101

        Pretty sure. I checked now on a different computer and as of now annotations are still off. But I remember reading that certain videos seem to be able to turn them back on.

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