Our latest app – TofU

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Last week we launched our latest iPhone app called Thinking of U (TofU.) You can download it here

This is a great little social networking app that we are really proud of. We worked closely with our clients, who are a sweet young couple based in Sydney.

The project brought some great experiences for the b2cloud team. Firstly, the client came to us with an existing app they had developed offshore. We looked at it with terror, and urged them not to release the app. It seemed the ‘developers’ really had no idea what they were doing, and were probably a web dev company who thought they would sell an app to a client. They were duped, and what they received (after the project being months overdue) was a dismall excuse for an app.

Our best bet was to start from scratch, and that’s what we did. We rebuilt the entire app for them in 4 weeks, and the outcome is a really nice piece of software that works exactly as it should.

The premise of TofU is simple – create a list of items of things you love – from your favourite restaurants, movies, food, gadgets etc – so your friends and loved ones always know exactly what you like. This way, when birthdays or holidays come around, you can always find the perfect gift for your special someone.

The app allows you to easily create an account by signing up via Facebook, or you can start a new account from scratch. Adding new items to your list is a simple as hitting the + button, giving your item a title and description, then adding a photo if you want. You can also share this item to your Facebook network if you like. Next start adding some friends, which you can add from your contact list, choose from your Facebook friends, or invite someone via email. They will receive an invite via email if they don’t already have the app, and they can download TofU and start sharing items with you.

It becomes quite addictive, and fun to see what your friends, relatives, co-workers etc enjoy and what items they add.

We will look to add exciting new features to the app in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates.