Moving EC2 instance region

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To move an ec2 instance to another region a snapshot of the volume must be created, sent to the new region and then relaunched. The aws console is a bit confusing, so here is a step by step on how to move regions.

First right click on the instance you want to move and stop it. I think this is optional but it ensures nothing is lost between the move. Of course, this instance will be offline for the duration of the move, which can take a while to upload the instance to the new region, depending where it is.

Now right click the instance again and create an image of it. When the details popup you can leave most of them as defaults, just fill in an image name.


If you go to the AMI section you will be able to see the pending image. Wait until this is complete.

When it’s done, go to the Snapshots section and copy the newly created snapshot. We need to copy it to the new region. I will send this one to Tokyo.


Now change your region to where you sent that snapshot to up the top right using the region dropdown.

Go to the snapshots section, you will see your copied snapshot pending. It may take a while for Amazon to send it to the new region.

When done, right click the snapshot and select “create image from snapshot”.

Jump over to the AMI tab, right click the new AMI and launch.

Follow the steps, they should be similar to when setting up the original instance. Then you’re all finished.

  • Sinsub Jeong

    Thank you so much for your clear explanation. I don’t have much experience with AWS so I thought moving my instance would be a daunting task, but your post really saved me lots of trouble. Moved my t2.micro from Singapore to Tokyo and got it running in less than an hour!

    Just to add a note, when creating an image from an EBS snapshot, I had to set Virtualization type as Hardware-assisted – rather than the default Paravirtual – in order to launch a t2.micro.

  • Thank you so much man !! You’re my hero! You deserve a medal

  • Sunil

    images are not displaying.. please do the needful for better understand.

  • anshuman

    awesome explanation …..helped me a lot ..