Mac Key Shortcuts for Maximum Efficiency

Tutorial By 6 years ago

As a long time Mac user I have picked up on a fair amount of keyboard shortcuts for doing everyday things. These save me a ton of time, I don’t even need to think about them any more my fingers just do it.

Hopefully these help out any others looking to increase efficiency and cut back on time for things that are done repeatedly.



Key Combination Description
Command + Z undo
Command + Shift + Z redo
Command + C copy
Command + X cut
Command + V paste
Command + A select all
Option + Delete delete from text cursor to beginning of word
Command + Delete delete from text cursor to beginning of line
F3 expose, show all windows
Command + F3 show desktop
Command + Space spotlight search
Command + Shift + ? application menu search
Command + H hide current application
Command + M minimise current window
Command + Tab switch applications
Command + ` (above tab) switch windows in application
Command + N new document
Command + W close document
Command + Q quit application
Command + S save current document
Command + Shift + S save current document as…
Command + P print current document
Command + F find word
Command + G find next word
Command + , application preferences
Command + Option + Esc force quit
Control + [arrow key] switch between spaces
Command + Shift + 3 screenshot, saves to desktop
Command + Shift + 4 drag screenshot, saves to desktop (push space for specific window)



Key Combination Description
Command + Delete move selected items to trash
Command + Shift + Delete empty trash
Option when dragging a file, switches from move mode to copy mode
Space quicklook for selected item(s)
Command + [down arrow] open selected items
Command + I info for selected item(s)
Command + Option + I grouped info for selected items
Command + Control + 1 arrange items by name


Code Editors

Key Combination Description
Command + ] indent selected text one tab to the right
Command + [ indent selected text one tab to the left



Key Combination Description
Command + R reload page
Command + D bookmark page
Command + Shift + H go to home page
Command + Option + U view page source
Command + Option + I open developer inspector
Command + Option + L view downloads
Command + Option + A view page activity
Command + ‘+’ zoom in page
Command + ‘-‘ zoom out page
Command + [number] go to bookmark at that position in your bookmarks bar (2 would mean the 2nd bookmark in your bar)



Key Combination Description
Command + ] scale brush up
Command + [ scale brush down
X switch primary and secondary colours
D revert to default colours (black and white)
Command + Option + Shift + S save for web and devices
Command + T transform selection/layer