Linking and Syncing your fitness trackers

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The world of Fitbit and Jawbone is beginning to feel like using Keynote and Powerpoint. The social networks behind the hardware are more inmportant to me than the data itself. It helps in terms of motivations and striving to hit your goals with your peers. So its important I can synchronise my device data to numerous services. Here is how I link my devices to the networks that are important to me. Lets start with the devices and technologies I use:

  • Fitbit Force
  • Jawbone Up
  • Garmin
  • Misfit Shine
  • Fitbit Scale
  • Runkeeper
  • Strava Running (for leader boards which they are famous for)
  • Google Glass

Here is how I keep them in Sync.

Fitbit to Fitbit

I use the Fitbit App to collect data from my Force and scale which syncs to Fitbit Servers

Runkeeper to Strava (and backwards)

Using a free service called Tapiriik ( you can manually sync your runs between Apps. Also this tool allows you to Sync Garmin and Dropbox. A small $2 fee can be paid to have the services always sync activities (including historical ones) automaticvally in the background

Fitbit to Runkeeper and Strava

Once Tapiriik has been setup, by manually adding a running (or other) activity to Fitbit it will sync to Runkeeper and Strava

Google Glass to Runkeeper and Strava

Glass has a Strava Running app installed, so with Tapiriik it will sync to Runkeeper.

Jawbone to Runkeeper

This has been enabled by Jawbone through their API

Misfit Shine

Currently there are no ways to automatically sync data to or from the Shine. Bo00o! Watch this space for updates to their API.


Not a fan, terrible experience filled with Ads. However they do offer links to some of these service (but not others)

Heart Rate Monitors

Most of them can either be connected to RunKeeper or Strava which will sync data to all other services.

Confusing isn’t it, welcome to the fragmentation we are experiencing in Fitness Trackers today. Initiatives such as Human API ( may be the solution, but not yet.


  • Liam Smart

    “Once Tapiriik has been setup, by manually adding a running (or other) activity to Fitbit it will sync to Runkeeper and Strava”

    Fitbit nor Tapiriik sync to Strava, so how are you doing this? I understand the rest (I think).


    • Josh Guest

      Fitbit can be linked to Runkeeper via the Fitbit website. Then Tapiriik will sync from Fitbit to Strava.

  • João Crispim

    Now thar misfit shine integrates with runkeeper, so they say, can you explain how that interaction works? Can runkeeper calculate calories in static exercise like spinning using shine’s data?