Is the iPhone 5 battery annoying you? Here is how to make it last!

Tutorial By 5 years ago

Like a lot of us, you’ve probably noticed that the battery life on the iPhone 5 is much less than 4S and the previous models. A stronger processor, 4G (LTE) connectivity and many other features push this device to suck on the battery like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, how do we make it last through a busy day outside the office? Here are a few things I do:


Switch LTE off : Yes it is awesome to have flying internet on your device but realistically, you only need it when you’re browsing or playing Song Pop. Your settings are a double-tap away. I suggest you keep LTE off and switch it on when you need it


Switch off push mail or decrease the fetch frequency: We all get 20 emails every 15 minutes but honestly how many of them are actually important to us? Nowadays half the stuff in my mailbox are coupons and eDMs. It kills your phone to have to fetch emails every second. Switch off your push mail or have the device fetch your emails every hour.


Download your favourite playlists from Spotify: If you’re like me and enjoy the convenience of Spotify you probably have started making playlists for yourself. Spotify uses data to play songs off the server and data transfer uses battery. I suggest you choose the “play offline” option for those playlists that you listen to more often.
This will download those songs to your phone next time you’re on wifi. Saves lots of battery!


Switch off location services for those apps that you don’t care about: Go to your ‘location services’ section (It’s under Privacy in iOS 6) and look at the list of apps which use GPS whenever they’re running. You probably don’t want all of them to know your location. Switch them off and that’ll save you a lot of battery next time you’re running those apps.


Switch off some extra services: Go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services(all the way at the bottom)
There are a bunch of services in this section which you won’t need. Switch off these off:

    • Diagnostic & Usage
    • Genius for Apps (which actually speeds up your App Store performance when off)
    • Location based iAds
    • Setting Time Zone
    • Traffic
    • Compass Calibration (If you want)


Turn off bluetooth if you’re not connected to devices

Turn on Auto-brightness 

Turn on Auto-lock

Buy a portable charger: These are little flat battery packs (which look like very tiny external hard disk drives. You charge the battery pack and connect it to your iPhone (or any other device) via USB. You can get a good one for $70-$100

Also I suggest you always have an iPhone cable in your pocket or in your bag. Same with Android. In this day and age it’s unacceptable for someone to not have a charger on them.


These tips have saved me a lot of battery in the last few weeks, hope you find them useful!