Dive deeper into your Facebook page with Insights

Tutorial By 6 years ago

Most businesses and organisations would have a Facebook page by now. Whether they have the discipline to update it regularly, posting interesting content and interacting with users is another story. If you are running a Facebook page for your business or for clients (like we do,) it’s crucial to understand how people are interacting with you, what they are viewing, where they come from, how many Likes you are getting etc. It’s simply to get this info using Facebook’s built in analytics tool called Insights. It’s just like Google Analytics but for your Facebook page.

Most people on Facebook provide a wealth of personal information, such as their age, location and gender. Insights breaks down this info for you in easy to read graphs, showing you the spread of users on your page, what they are viewing, where the come from etc. Make sure you reguarly view and understand this information, and use it to help tailor your posts to maximise engagement with your fan base. Can you attribute spikes in Likes to other events? i.e. when one of our clients was featured in a magazine at the start of August, we saw a jump in new daily Likes to the page. After a few days, this dropped off. Use this information to welcome your new fans.

You can use the stats to learn about how fans interact on different days. We know that fans are most active on our client’s Page on Wednesday and Thursday, but drop right down on Saturdays. We can now tailor posts on those mid-week days to maximise engagement with those fans.

So if you are looking to grow your Facebook page or just offer interesting and exciting content, make sure you delve deep using Facebook Insights, so you can really understand your market.