How to create an Uber successful digital product vision

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We at b2cloud play a fundamental role for businesses looking to build successful digital products. We often hear passionate product owners, experienced CEO’s and founders articulate their vision to us saying… “I want to build

The car of the future is shared and driven by software

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There are many visions on where mobility is going and how transportation will evolve. Which will prevail? Where will the disruption occur? I suspect the car I drive now, will be the last one I

Hey Siri, how do I start a conversation with someone with a disability?

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We all love Siri’s little witty quips, but I recently read a heartwarming article over on Mashable that reflects the power of technology to change lives in ways that most of us would never appreciate. I won’t spoil

CES 2017: Health and Accessibility

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This year’s CES certainly lived up to the Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech, showcasing innovations that will set the tone for the rest of the year and beyond. The

NSNumber type at runtime

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In Objective-C most things that get passed around inherit from NSObject. Because of this when you want to add a primative type to an array or dictionary you need to wrap it in an NSObject, usually an NSNumber. If you have specifically set an NSNumber's value/type you can easily just use intValue, floatValue etc etc to pull out which ever type you put back in, but how do you know which type should be pulled out if your code is dynamic and uses any type of NSNumber.