Hey Siri, how do I start a conversation with someone with a disability?

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We all love Siri’s little witty quips, but I recently read a heartwarming article over on Mashable that reflects the power of technology to change lives in ways that most of us would never appreciate. I won’t spoil

CES 2017: Health and Accessibility

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This year’s CES certainly lived up to the Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech, showcasing innovations that will set the tone for the rest of the year and beyond. The

DreamLab – Solve cancer while you sleep

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Now more than ever, we have the power to change humanity with technology, and today we are helping cure cancer. Over the last 5 years cancer has taken away many people close to me, and

Changing font size of an NSAttributedString

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An attributed string is a way of storing a piece of text with styling. Similar to the way html works, it can specify certain styles for bits and pieces of the text. They are pretty simple to work with if you’re adding new attributes. If you are changing attributes then things can get a bit trickier as your existing attributes may be overwritten.