DreamLab – Solve cancer while you sleep

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Now more than ever, we have the power to change humanity with technology, and today we are helping cure cancer. Over the last 5 years cancer has taken away many people close to me, and

b2cloud are a BRW Fast 100 winner

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It’s honouring to receive recognition for b2cloud as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Australia in the BRW Fast 100. October has proven to be a highly rewarding month for our team, after

2015 App Design Award Winners!

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Another great win for the b2cloud team, being recognised by the App Design Awards for our incredible work with Catch of the Day owned Yumtable. The industry awarded b2cloud 2 Silver awards for the Best

That awesome feeling when you go stock from touchwiz!!

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So i bought the Samsung galaxy s4 few months back and used TouchWiz for a while and my experience with TouchWiz is a mere disaster so far. When i bought it, there was no rumours or

Five Best Keyboards for Android.

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One thing we all love about Android is that it’s highly customization. We have apps to customize almost anything for instance home replacement, lock screen, keyboards etc.In this blog we would be talkin about keyboards

Nexus 7 – Review

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The new tablet from Google isn’t an iPad killer, and it’s not meant to be. It’s priced much lower and aimed at a different market. No, this one’s going directly after Amazon and their closed