How to create an Uber successful digital product vision

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We at b2cloud play a fundamental role for businesses looking to build successful digital products. We often hear passionate product owners, experienced CEO’s and founders articulate their vision to us saying… “I want to build

The car of the future is shared and driven by software

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There are many visions on where mobility is going and how transportation will evolve. Which will prevail? Where will the disruption occur? I suspect the car I drive now, will be the last one I

Hey Siri, how do I start a conversation with someone with a disability?

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We all love Siri’s little witty quips, but I recently read a heartwarming article over on Mashable that reflects the power of technology to change lives in ways that most of us would never appreciate. I won’t spoil

CES 2017: Health and Accessibility

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This year’s CES certainly lived up to the Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech, showcasing innovations that will set the tone for the rest of the year and beyond. The

My Facebook advertising experience (Part 2)

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a part 1 about my experience advertising with Facebook. The first campaign was advertising the lite version and monitoring both the lite and paid version downloads. After the

My Facebook advertising experience (Part 1)

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In my own time I manage a few small personal apps on the AppStore. One of them is somewhat popular, and up until recently I hadn’t done any marketing or advertising at all for the

AppStore required upload resources

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Here is a list of all the requirements for an AppStore app to make it easy to make sure you have everything ready to upload.

Tips to make your app smaller

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When users download apps, it’s always a pain having to wait for a super long download. Getting them in as quick as possible should be a high priority. When an app download size is too big, I often find myself lock the phone and sometimes even forget to come back to it for a while. On the AppStore there’s even a threshold to prevent users download apps that are too big over 3G, currently at 50MB I believe.

Removing NSLogs for distribution

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When developing an iOS or Mac app, NSLogs are very handy during development. These are quite useless for an app on an end users phone or computer, so removing every log is often a good idea, especially if you like to log a lot of information. This might sound like a pain, commenting out every NSLog whenever you build for the AppStore? But no, there’s a much simpler solution, coming from our friend the preprocessor macro.

App Sandbox Kills

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As of June 1st this year all newly submitted apps and versions on the Mac Appstore require sandboxing. Sandboxing means that each app is run inside it’s own quarantined space to make sure the app doesn’t do anything malicious. For a lot of apps this will be sufficient, but for apps that let you do really special stuff this is the thing that kills them.

AppStore Piracy Prevention

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As a developer it’s extremely frustrating when you’ve worked on an app for months upon months and after release on the app store as a paid app, you find it cracked and free for anybody that doesn’t want to pay. I made this mistake on the first application I released on the app store, a week or so after release I found version 1.0 scattered all over the web.

It would have been best to implement piracy checks from the beginning, but this had to be part of the 1.1+ update. Since 1.0 I have released versions 1.1 and 1.2, and have only seen version 1.1 ‘cracked’ and uploaded to websites, but I have tested this out myself, and my piracy checks do exactly what they are supposed to do, crash the app rendering it useless.