TV on the iPad

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I have Foxtel in my lounge room and when in other rooms of the house I consume Gigabytes of data on the iPad thanks to Youtube. But when my YouTube stars are light on content, I want more video. So I went searching and to my disappointment there is very little out there for Aussies to watch quality video content natively.

Mobile Foxtel for iPad and iPhone

The app provides limited channels with streaming content. The limitation is that it can only be used over 3G, and is designed towards Telstra customers where downloads are unmetered. The quality is good on the iPhone, but looks pretty horrible on the iPad 3. I particularly like Discovery, Sky Business News and the music channels such as V and MTV.

Here is the downside, it costs $8 a week for 31 Channels, $18 a month or $89 for 6 months. This on top of my Platinum Package at home is not worth it. I think ill invest in an extra Foxtel box.

ABC iView

I blogged well over a year ago about how impressed I was with how ABC syndicates its content to my Playstation 3, PC, iPad etc. It is easy for them compared to the commercial networks as they don’t rely on advertising revenue. The iPad app works on Wifi and 3G, the video content is not live but recorded segments all sliced up.

What I am really impressed with is how they allow the iPad to be connected to a TV, and play the content in high resolution. Forward thinking and it takes advantage of the technology provided by Apple.

Channel 7, 9, 10

They provide shows on the web to stream, surrounded by adverts and banners. The execution is horrible on the web so you will have no joy on the tablet.


No luck, they are not available to Aussies through the App store.


A beautiful iPad app for one of the most inspiring series of talks available anywhere. The website is completely HTML 5 optimised so browsing on the tablet works a treat.

In conclusion, there is no way to watch television content in its entirety on the iPad. Some specific services may have a native App, but broadcast Networks need to put on their 2012 hat and think about ways to monetize content via subscription and broadcast over the Web and iPad. Think Spotify for TV.