The iPad – an iFad?

Reviews By 7 years ago

Having had my little iPad (and by little I mean monster 64gb capacity with 3G) for a little over a month now, I am left pondering whether this was the “magical and revolutionary” purchase Apple billed it to be. Although I’ve been a lifelong tech fan, this was the first time I have ever woken up at 5am to go and line up to spend my money. Actually, I think it’s the first time I’ve woken up at 5am ever. Anyways, I trudged down with Josh to the Apple store in Doncaster, with one half of my body pepped up on adrenaline and coffee, and the other screaming at me in disbelief for waking up so early.

After now having the device for over a month, I am still undecided as to it’s best use. I like the iPad as a business device, which allows me to do things like create, read and edit documents such as PDFs on the fly. I’ve been using a cool app called iAnnotate which I have used to show clients documents, such as confidentiality agreements, and allows them to sign directly on the iPad, and with 2 clicks email it off as a PDF with our signatures. I’ve also enjoyed using PressReader, which instantly delivers the latest newspapers from all over the globe. The print looks awesome on the bright 9.7 inch screen, and the app can even read out to you all the articles. Of course, reading emails and cruising the web are perfect on the device as well. I also love using Dropbox, which syncs instantly with my PC, laptop, iPhone and the web, so I can never lose a document.

I’ve decided, however, that the iPad really comes into its own when used as an entertainment device. I have thousands of songs on the iPod, heaps of TV shows and movies I have loaded up, podcasts, photos, and eBooks. It handles all this content seamlessly, with crisp and precise playback functions. With heaps of games and utilities already made for the iPad, there are lots of other ways to pass any free time. I’ve particularly been enjoying Red Alert – Command and Conquer, which feels like it was always intended to be played on the iPad. This has led to a few office battles between Josh and I, playing via WiFi in opposite ends of the office. I sold all my buildings and retired before our battle was up, so technically there were no winners.

All in all, I am happy with my iPad, and I feel it has delivered all it promised. As for waking up early… later that day I went searching in the city for a case, only to find heaps of iPads still in stock at JB, Dick Smiths and other retailers. Ouch.