The big Fitbit Flex fail

Reviews | Thoughts By 4 years ago

When Fitbit Flex hit Australian shores I was one of the first to slap one on my wrist, and I was always very quick to recommend, quite successfully, the Fitbit Flex to interested friends. However most people I know, including myself now have a major issue. They currently have a nice Flex module with no band to put it in. It appears that the silicone band that’s provided with the Flex has a tendency not to last very long, in fact I’ve just broken my second band in the space of 5 months. I’m not really concerned about the bands breaking, at the end of the day they’re a long strip of silicon with a see through window in the middle. What I am concerned about is that I cannot purchase replacement bands locally. The only way to get replacement bands currently is to purchase them from America and take the massive hit in postal charges.

It really is ridiculous, Fitbit has has 5 months to start shipping replacement bands to shops within Australia, or at the very least start selling them from their website. The worst part about this is the product is great and the hardware itself is rock solid (unlike the Jawbone UP), however the sour taste this experience has left will most likely ensure that I look elsewhere when I choose a replacement product.

  • suegooch

    I just had the same thing happen, bought in April, broke this morning 🙁 I had endless problems with the Jawbone UP so my husband bought me this one instead. It’s lasted slightly longer than the UP, that went after 5 weeks. Why create a fairly expensive bit of tech and then spoil it with a cheap wrist band?