That awesome feeling when you go stock from touchwiz!!

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So i bought the Samsung galaxy s4 few months back and used TouchWiz for a while and my experience with TouchWiz is a mere disaster so far. When i bought it, there was no rumours or talks about Galaxy S4 google edition. Before i bought S4, i thought how bad TouchWiz could be, let’s give it a chance and that is where i made a big mistake. Here are few issues that annoyed me a lot in TouchWiz and S4’s rom –

1.  Cartoonist UI and looks like so 1990s

2.  Badly design system apps for ex. Message , Contacts or Email app

3.  Not a single concern has been given to user experience while designing the TouchWiz launcher or any of the native apps

4. There is always lag once in a while, no matter your device has the best hardware in the world

5. Sound frequency issue which causes distortion while listening to music

When i heard that there is a leak version of  Android Stock Jelly Bean 4.3 available online, i decided that i will wait no longer and will flash it asap. But again, there was no stable version was available. People were complaining about battery drain and all, so i thought i’ll wait for little longer for the stable version to come out. After waiting for few days, finally there was a stable version on XDA and nothing could have made me more happier at that time.

So i backed up all my data and rooted my S4, installed CWM recovery and flash the stable version of stock android 4.3.

Welcome back –

When i first put my hands on my S4 after flashing stock rom, I felt like, i was lost somewhere and now finally i’m back home. I might not be able to use all those cool Samsung Galaxy S4 features but the user experience is so brilliant and flawless with stock android that i don’t miss those features any more. My S4 is lighting fast now and it’s the smoothest device i have ever used. It is so smooth, it might make other phones feel bad. I don’t notice the lag anymore. There are no bugs like sound distortion in it at all. In my opinion, stock android is the real android and OEMs should not touch it at all. If they want to add more features, they can but they should not touch the other things that affects user experience or change the user experience completely. But still if OEMs want to change the user experience, at least they should hire better UE experts than they have right now.