Reasons why i switched to Nexus 5 from Galaxy S4

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I used S4 for about 6 months before i switched to Nexus 5 and there are many good reasons why i did that which i am going to talk about in detail in this blog.

First let’s discuss about the drawbacks i found in S4 –

1. When i used to play music on my S4, i used to hear distortion in the sound. It wasn’t minor, it was something that i can clearly noticed. So i had to play my music little louder than the level i usually listen to. I googled about this bug and realised that i wasn’t only me who was facing this issue and there was some issues with Samsung skinned Android. In my personal opinion, when you are manufacturing a smartphone, you should get basic functionality like phone, message, music right first than spending money on R&D features like AirView and all.

2. TouchWiz looks cartoonish and really 90’s. If you go to setting, they have put four tabs in there now but the tabs they used are still from Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Looks like Samsung do not bother at all when it comes to update the UI based on what is latest and greatest in Android world.

3. Lag – S4 had the best hardware when it first came out but even the best hardware didn’t save the TouchWiz from lag. Android has came a long way and even devices with low hardware doesn’t lag anymore.

4. Space – I bought the 16GB variant and normally we get 12GB free with it but on Samsung this was not the case. The space they left free for user on 16GB variants was only 9GB.

These issues really made me think of switching my daily driver and i couldn’t think of any other device than Nexus 5. It is latest and greatest from Google with such a low price tag and high hardware specs. After using Nexus 5 for a week, i am sure that i took a right decision.