Push Notification Service Comparison

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If you’re an indie developer then a push server may be way out of budget.

Fortunately there’s push services out there that that handle your messages for you. Some of these are free, others have costs. I’ve collected a lot of information about some of the most popular push services and compiled it into a nice comparison table for quick reference.

If you are building a business, I would recommend building your own.

Green is good and red is bad

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Whether the service provides an API for things such as sending push notifications from another server.

A library that cuts a lot of the work out of the app side.

Free for production
Some sites only offer a free push service for development apps, and then require you to pay for production.

No credit card required
Red if the service requires a credit card for their free service. Usually when you go over the free pushes per month you are automatically billed.

Segments let developers group users for selective notifications.