Nexus 5 First Impression

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My colleague already had it for long before i get it so i had a chance to play with it for a little while but not much. But that gave me an idea about what should i expect from it.

Things i like so far –

New Look – With every iteration Android became more polished and 4.4 wasn’t any different. Android 4.4 improved the stability and looks more polished now. Some people didn’t like the all white new look but i think it looks more polished now. Transparent status bar and navigation bar looks amazing and give your home screen a great look.

Google experience launcher – Personally, i really like the google experience launcher. I used to use Apex but this time Google won the launcher war. The best part about Google experience launcher is that it gives me the quicks access to Google Now. You can access it by just swiping to the left side on the home screen which makes me use Google now more than i used to use.

No lag, no bug – Been a week since i am using it now and i didn’t notice any lag or bug so far. It is a flawless piece of engg. It is a great combination of software and hardware. Android 4.4 runs silky smooth on Nexus 5 hardware and it beats S4 in every department when it comes to attention to detail and getting everything right.

Things i don’t like so far –

So far there is nothing i don’t like about it, may be because i am updating from a phone that was buggy and laggy. But it is just a week since i am using it and first impression is good. I will talk in more detail after using for a month or so.

That’s it for now.