New iPhone 5 – prediction

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One of the most popular questions we get asked all the time is “when is the new iPhone coming out?” As Apple generally releases an updated device once a year, there is constantly chatter and predictions around what will new features will appear.

This video (below) comes from a parts supplier who claim to have a prototype of the back cover of the iPhone 5. There are some interesting things to note about the cover which gives clues as to the new features of the iPhone 5:

  • The size of the device has increased from from 4.5 inches to 4.8 or even 5 inches, meaning there will likely be a larger screen – great for watching videos, playing games, reading etc. This could be in part to compete with many of the top selling Android phones, like the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3 which has a 4.8 inch screen
  • The headphone jack has moved from the top of the device to the bottom. This is not a big deal, other than if you are listening to music and slip your iPhone into your pocket, it does make it easier to pull it out and have the screen facing you already without flipping the phone
  • The charging port, used widely by Apple across all iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, has reduced in size to a smaller micro port. This isnt great if you already own several chargers that came with your various Apple devices, but slowly Apple will phase the new chargers in for all other devices too.
  • The other most likely change (not seen on this video) will be the adition of iOS 6.

Everything at this point is just speculation, as Apple maintain an exceptionally high level of control and security across their supply chains, trying to ensure no leaks get out to market before they have the chance to present their new products for the first time.

The new iPhone 5 may be announced on Monday at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) held annually in San Francisco. It is unlikely the device will be released until later this year. Of course this is all speculation, and who knows what Apple wil do, besides Apple!

b2cloud will be on top of all the new announcements and we will share them as soon as info is available.

  • Tim

    My prediction:
    The implementation of NFC, and the bastardisation of the standard (just like Samsung did with “Samsung Beam”) with the eventuality of making payments through iTunes (e.g. buying a slurpee? swipe your phone at 7Eleven and the purchase will appear in your iTunes account just like an app/song/book/movie etc.). I just hope they don’t go with the name “iSwipe”.

    If they’re changing the Apple Dock standard (finally!) then I don’t see why they wouldn’t include thunderbolt capabilities.

    As far as software options go, the ability to take photos while shooting video seems to be a new standard (in Android devices at least)

    Another safe bet is Quad Core processing.

    oh and, nice use of double captcha 😉

  • Fake 😉