My Favourite iPhone Apps of 2010

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The New Year is almost upon us, and I thought I would take this opportunity to take a look back at some of my favourite iPhone apps from the past year.

First and foremost has to be one of the best selling apps of all time, and my personal favourite – Angry Birds. There is something so purely addictive about this game, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Its simplicity of game play (really, you are just flinging some disgruntled birds at a bunch of mischievous pigs) is masterfully balanced by its complex balance of timing, geometry and a solid amount of patience and determination. Angry Birds is the perfect time filler – it can be played in whilst in elevators, waiting for food, in the bathroom (admit it, you’ve done this too!) and just about any other time you are bored and want to be tortured with frustration. Angry Birds Seasons has also been a great addition, with a clever feature where one new level is released every day leading up to Christmas.

Whilst on the games front, I have become quite the fan of Words with Friends (the free version is fine if you dont mind ads.) For any Scrabble fans, Words with Friends allows you to play the game either against random opponents, or to search for your friends and play against them. The paid version does have local notifications when your opponent has played their word and it is your turn, which is very helpful for prolonged games.

Another app I am a fan of is the ANZ goMoney app. As an ANZ customer, I find it extremely useful to have instant access to my accounts, and the ability to transfer funds to anyone directly from the application.You can pay anyone just by entering in their mobile number (great for making them do all the work to claim their money!) Its also a nifty (albeit slightly useless) feature to take and use your own photo as a background for your credit cards and accounts.

JotNot Pro is an iPhone app that comes in very hand. It allows you to take photos of anything, convert it to PDF, and save and send them directly from the app. For example, as soon as I make a purchase, I whack open JotNot, take a photo of the receipt, convert to PDF and upload it directly to my Dropbox account.

I hardly ever download, rent or watch movies without first checking out the Flixster app. Flixster took over from Rotten Tomatoes, which is a great site that gives average scores on movies based on professional reviews. If a movie is above 50%, it will be ripe, and if below it will be a splat. Stick with the ripe.

If you are looking for a dose of technology, computer or social media news, you cant go past the Masahble iPhone app. It is the perfect application for loading up on all the latest in tech and online, and I also think they have got their Sharing functionality down pat, with 1 tap to share on Twitter, Facebook or email a link of the article.

Lastly, I have just discovered a very simple but clever app called SnapSendSolve. It is a link for Australians to file reports to your local council, on anything from rubbish collection queries, to parking violations or even report graffiti. You can then take a picture and attach it to your report. The app uses your GPS location to determine which local council you belong to, and compiles a report with all the information you have provided, including a Google Map location and any photos, in an email to your local council for you to send. Although some would argue this encourages annoying neighbours to make complaints about things like noise or parking, I think it can be a useful tool for getting full value of those council rates we all pay, and ensure they are aware of and respond to all reports from the public.

Leave your comments below on which apps you like, and any ideas for an app you would like to see. Happy Holidays!