MotoG review

Reviews By 3 years ago

MotoG is the latest budget phone to hit the markets, and boy has it hit hard! Between people raving about how it is the best bang for your buck, and my partner picking up one, it’s difficult for me to ignore it.

What I liked most about the phone is the power-packed specifications. The latest Android OS (4.4 Kitkat), Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, upto 16 GB internal storage, a Gorilla Glass screen and all the other usual smartphone components. The lack of 4G capability was upsetting and a deal-breaker for many, but they remedied it quickly by releasing another 4G version. For an extra kick they have added interchangeable backs called shells (which they sell in many bright colours at ludicrous prices).

What I didn’t like is the display, camera, and screen size. Comparing it to other phones in the market that are running Kitkat, they could have gone with a slightly larger screen (I’m looking at Nexus 5) with a better resolution display. The camera is quite disappointing and takes very unsatisfactory pictures. While it behaves decently in good lighting, when the light is poor it is quite a disaster. While they have packed in a powerful processor, it does let you down occasionally by freezing in the middle of a memory-intensive game or app.

It’s not a phone that I would go for, with the brilliant Nexus 5 available for USD 399. But if you are on a budget, the MotoG is the best phone you can get for the low price of USD 179.