Logitech G700 Review

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For over 3 years I used a Logitech VX Revolution. It was a great mouse, although about a month ago I was hungry for a change. This wasn’t the first time, early this year I tried switching to a Logitech M950, however I took it back shortly after because it was way too large and uncomfortable.

Last month I started looking into the Logitech G700, which seemed to be the perfect mouse. The major problem I had with the VX was I’d find myself changing the batteries way too often. Sure I had spares, but it was extremely annoying. The G700 is wireless too, however when the battery gets low you can plug it in and use it as a corded mouse while it charges. This and the fact it has 13 programmable buttons was enough for me to buy one.

It really is an awesome mouse, and I got used to it pretty quickly.


  • Wireless
  • You plug it in and continue to use it while it charges
  • Many programmable buttons and 5 configuration slots, which you can assign to the programmable buttons to switch without the software
  • Very comfortable
  • The scroll wheel has ratchet and free scrolling, which my VX also had but now that the switcher is on the top I actually find myself using it – I would never turn my VX over to switch between the two modes


  • Not ‘advertised’ as Mac compatible. The software you use to customise what each button does is Windows only, however the configuration is stored on the mouse so you only need to connect to Windows once for the initial setup, and then it will work fine on the Mac. I have Parallels 7 running XP on my Mac, so I can customise it with that without having to find a Windows computer
  • Using the default settings, the battery isn’t that great. I turned down some settings and now it’s fine
  • The spaces between the rubber and the plastic on the bottom pick up a lot of dust

And although this has nothing to do with the mouse, I managed to price match it with Officeworks to save $25, and it was delivered free on the same day 🙂