Kogan Mobile Sim – Good or Bad!!

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This post is purely about user experience so don’t expect too much detailed tech stuff like frequency or Ghz, Mhz etc.

As now most of you know that few months back online tech store giant Kogan launched a mobile service called Kogan Mobile. When i first came to know about it, i was pretty impressed as they are giving away 6GB, Unlimited National Calls, Unlimited National SMS for only $29 on a Telstra network. Their plans were easy to understand as most of the things are free and we don’t need to care about things like “call rates per minute ” and stuff.

Why I bought? – I have been using Vodafone for over a year now and my experience with Vodafone is like a living nightmare. I thought let’s give Kogan a try, after all how bad it could be (as i have already experienced Vodafone). So i bought the Sim for free but Kogan charged me $4.99 for shipping and handling and it still took almost 2 weeks to get delivered.

Activation – It went smooth but with a small issue that was cause of misconception about street number.

First thing – So finally after 2 hours, my sim got activated and first thing i did was tested its network speed. First result was between 6-6.5MB, which i thought was not bad. Then i gave it another try this time result was between 6.5-7MB and i was really happy because its a pretty decent network speed with unlimited free calls and text for only $29.

Service – I really don’t care what Kogan using, old Telstra 2G network or 3G network. Its good enough for me as I never experienced call drops or bad reception on it so far. But in terms of data i have seen few issues for instance, i use pandora (A music streaming app) a lot and once in a while it stops streaming or playing music because to low network speed. I tested Pandora on both (Vodafone and Kogan) on mobile data. I tested it on wifi as well. And found it happens only on Kogan. So that irritates me a lot. I use social apps like G+, Facebook or Path and i had issues using these apps as well. BUT its only once in a while (must be a area specific) and not always so i think i could ignore it for what i’m getting in back (6GB :-D).

Overall – Overall i’m happy with it and i think i’ll convert my Vodafone to Kogan really soon.

If you are using Kogan as well, share your experience with me in comments section.