Kaching App Review (well…kind of)

Reviews By 6 years ago

A couple of weeks ago I caught a glimpse of an advertising banner for Commonwealth Bank’s new iPhone App called Kaching (pronounced ka-a-ching not cacheing). What caught my attention was that you could pay for goods from your transaction accounts, by simply touching your iPhone to a PayWave receiver. Really???? I thought this was only for cards and RFID.

I couldn’t resist seeing this in action, but I’m not a Comm bank customer. So a quick stroll to the local branch, signed up a basic account, agreed to a $4 a month fee and I was ready to roll with my new account number in hand.

I downloaded the app, signed up, set my pin to 1234 (not my real PIN) and bang. It loaded. I could see my generous account balance of $0 and some other options. All I’m interested in remember is paying using PayWave. I jumped to the Commonwealth bank website to transfer some $$ to play with.

Now back into the App, enter my PIN which is 1234.

Error. I try again. Error. And again. Error.

Maybe I accidentally changed my PIN. So I tried to login with my internet banking password.

Error. I try again. Error. And again. Error.

I contacted Commonwealth Bank to see if they could fix it, and they provided some instructions on how to try again. This still didn’t work.

So on to Twitter to try and close the account and get my $4 fee back.

So sorry everyone, I was hoping to review the App and see if the contactless payments worked on the iPhone (Bluetooth? Wifi?). Looks like the App has some technical issues so please share your experiences with me in the comments section below.