21st February 2012

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

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Yesterday I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 for testing some of the apps we develop. I had heard about the Apple vs. Samsung case before, but never realised just how much was ripped off in terms of interface and design.

The camera app:
This was the most obvious rip off, from the button at the bottom, to the switch and even the image well that the photos jump into. I had seen other Android devices with their own designs on the camera app, why can’t Samsung also make their own?



The clock app:
The colours may trick some people, but the overall structure is the same. The tabs (Samsung has swapped the order of two) and the style of the analogue clock.




The notes app:
The Samsung had two types of notes apps, Memos and Tasks. Both have the same look and feel as the Notes app on the iPhone.



I will be on the hunt for more >:)

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